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Just two years, nine months and twenty-six days have passed since hike messenger was launched but it has already become the second in the top list concerning the number of monthly active users and the time they spend in the app. The messaging company reps have publicly shared the data that last month the app…



Encouraged by the success of the news feed in English, the Hike development team have launched a similar thing in Hindi – Hindi News. The English-language platform received over 100 mn views within a week, which is a good figure even for India and its huge population. Let us recall that India is the country…

AppMess News 21

Snapchat will bring back deleted messages – AppMess News #21

Snapchat will bring back deleted messages. iOS and Android smartphone owners can get ready for the new feature. Yet another update from the young and modern messaging app will give users the option to look at seemingly irrevocably deleted messages once again. It will cost a dollar to restore three messages, $3 to bring back…

Hike update allows group calls for to people

Hike update allows group calls for to people

Lots of us, most likely, are frustrated by the fact how difficult it is to find a messaging app for making group calls in a fast and simple way. First of all, this process can be quite tiring. The caller first has to put his recipient on hold, then call another contact and let him/her…

Welcome Hike 4.0 New Logo and Design

Welcome Hike 4.0: New Logo and Design

Hike’s emblem evolves The messaging app Hike has presented its new logo. The project team claims that the old logo was just fine, but the latest global design tendencies pushed the company to make a change. It took four iterations to generate a simple idea: since the product is named after an outdoor activity, it should…


Mittal Kavin Bharti

Entrepreneur, programmer, co-founder of AppSpark and projects such as Movies Now and Foodster, Hike founder.

Hike review

AppMess Review: Hike messenger free download

Hike is an interesting messaging app originating from India. It was founded by Kavin Bharti Mittal and released in 2012.  Just within two years, Hike gained 15 M active users and another six months later their number grew to 35 M users. Hike promotes itself as a messaging guide around the Internet. Why so? The…

AppMess News 16

BuzzFeed and iHeartRadio now in a Snapchat – AppMess News #16

Hey, guys! As you may have already guessed, this is the latest edition of IM news. Let’s move on to this week’s most captivating news. AppMess News #16 Snapchat is taking things further. The gist of it is that the messaging app decided to change the number of its Discover partners. And so it happened….

Hike acknowledged India’s most loved messaging app

Hike acknowledged India’s most loved messaging app

Hike entered the list top 10 popular apps among Indians India’s population supports its home producers. The Hike messaging app has been put on the list of India’s top ten apps. Quettra – a company that analyses the tastes and preferences of over 10 M Indian users – published a report the other day. The…

Will Viber, WatsApp, Hike and Skype be charged in India

Will Viber, WatsApp, Hike and Skype be charged in India?

The new report of the Ministry of Telecommunications of India Negotiations on network neutrality in India are far from complete. A report published by the Ministry of Telecommunications on Thursday, July 17 at the same time pleased and disappointed Viber, WhatsApp, Hike and Skype users and caused worry about Internet giants like Facebook. Carte blanche for…