BuzzFeed and iHeartRadio now in a Snapchat – AppMess News #16

AppMess News 16

Hey, guys! As you may have already guessed, this is the latest edition of IM news. Let’s move on to this week’s most captivating news.

AppMess News #16

  • Snapchat is taking things further. The gist of it is that the messaging app decided to change the number of its Discover partners. And so it happened. Snapchat dropped Warner Music and Yahoo, and replaced them with Buzzfeed and Vox. The update is already present in the app’s main version. The companies involved have not given an official reaction to the statement, which is why we can only judge that the messenger’s management simply analyzed the popularity and demand of the news sources among the teen audience.
  • Teamchat is a new messaging app for business talks. Teamchat CEO Beerud Sheth describes the app as a ‘smart messaging app’. In addition to regular chatting, it gives the opportunity to work with surveys and process them right in the app, using various forms and advantages of the location function. You will also be able to track sales via Teamchat. Due to this fact, many journalists have already labeled Teamchat the WhatsApp of business.
  • Speaking of WhatsApp, an update of the popular messenger came out for BlackBerry 10. This time they fixed not only minor errors, but big operating bugs as well. Moreover, new functions have been added that notify users of missed calls, let you scroll through your Facebook friend list right in your phone directory. Very useful, to say the least. Notifications no longer freeze, so we can be happy for BlackBerry owners.
  • Hike has made it to the top 10 list of India’s most popular messengers. The saturated market didn’t stop users from spotting the quality product. A report from analytical company Куетра demonstrates that Hike is in India’s top 10 for two reasons – downloads and daily active users, seeding 8th and 9th, respectively. App creators commemorated this small victory in their blog and shared their joy with the numerous fans of the up and coming Indian product.

Communicate in real life, communicate online and see you next time!


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