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Just Like Skype: Hangouts Rolls Out Guest Access

Just Like Skype: Hangouts Rolls Out Guest Access

This fall, Skype‘s management announced that a new function was coming out for its messaging app, which would allow users to connect any non-Skype user to any conversation. Unbelievable, right? To clarify, Skype users need to send out a link in order to get the person to join in on a discussion. While the people…

Google Update For Hangouts Web User Interface

Google Update For Hangouts Web User Interface

This summer, Google separated its messaging app from other services, such as Gmail, Google+ and Chrome web browser. Having released a standalone web interface, the company started developing its future updates. In a short while, all users will be able to try out the updated changes first hand. After all, Google’s management did announce that…

AppMess News #18

Hangouts 4.0 For Android – AppMess News #18

Voxer messaging app has got a new function prepared for its users. Capture, Voxer’s latest addition, was designed to allow a quick and easy way of sharing photos, audio and video files. The app’s creators claim that this function will help users capture the important moments of life, be it a stunning sunset or a…

Hangouts voice message with Android Wear!

Hangouts: voice message with Android Wear!

Messaging apps and smart watches The IT crowd has not yet made up its mind on how it feel about smart watches. Some companies see a new way of interacting with clients and an incentive to develop their products. Others, however, are skeptical about the latest gadget. For example, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger aren’t rushing to…



Google Hangouts for iOS Google has updated its Hangouts app for the iOS platform. The update contains changes to do with the user interface: now there is a new “menu” button in the contact list section and a button for opening chat windows quickly. Besides, chat clouds now look different and so does the user interface…

Hangouts review

AppMess Video Review: Hangouts

Hangouts is a texting app that grew from a social network function into a stand-alone app. The main idea of the app is to replace Google Talk and chats in Google+. In this video review you will discover such Hangouts advantages: Group chats; Cross-platform; Access to all devices; Video conferences; Google Voice and others. You…


You would want to install updated Hangouts

A new Hangouts update from Google will make users break up with the popular app Adium. Renewed Hangouts would allow to see your contacts on the left, and your chats on the right. Such new design is very convenient from the user perspective. Users will also love the new design of the app, which is…


AppMess News #5 

In this video: Hangouts users can be wiretapped; Skype has lost its lawsuit against the paid British Sky TV channel; Russian Internet users lost access to WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Wikipedia; Telegram’s active audience reached 62 million monthly users.



Hangouts Messenger that emerged as a separate app had to struggle for its popularity. It is as good as other apps of its type and this secures it equal opportunities for competing. It has an ace up its sleeve, though: the world’s most widely known name of its developers – Google. Upon hearing the name…