Section “Rating” is designed to help users to see and compare the technical capabilities of messengers on different platforms. Our team has picked the evaluation criteria, which you can see in the table below when you click on each of the icons.

The AppMess team assesses messengers’ criteria based on analytical research data with an outcome that can be different from your opinion.

The number of points from 1 to 5 shows the quality of functionalities implemented. If messsenger does not have featured function, it gets 0.

The General Information block is meant to guide users through the key parameters of a messaging app and it is not included into the total scoring, unlike the Communication or Options block.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone
  • BlackBerry OS
  • Web
  • Desktop
1 ViberViber 85.4
2 WhatsAppWhatsApp 85.3
3 SkypeSkype 80.4
4 WeChatWeChat 78.5
5 Facebook MessengerFacebook Messenger 78
6 SnapchatSnapchat 60.6