Snapchat will bring back deleted messages – AppMess News #21

AppMess News 21
  • Snapchat will bring back deleted messages. iOS and Android smartphone owners can get ready for the new feature. Yet another update from the young and modern messaging app will give users the option to look at seemingly irrevocably deleted messages once again. It will cost a dollar to restore three messages, $3 to bring back ten, and $5 for twenty. Not the lowest of prices, but there you have it. By the way, a similar function was tested in 2013, but then users could restore only a single message a day.

AppMess News #21

  • WeChat came up with a good way of diversifying its functions. Now users can create text messages that can hold photos, audio and video clips, as well as geolocation tags. The bottom line is that these messages, called rich media, will help users express a set of emotions and save time doing so. Received messages can be added to favorites. In addition to private chats, they can also be posted in group chats. If you feel like giving this innovation a go, download the latest version of WeChat – 6.2.5.
  • Yahoo! Messenger is in no hurry to correct its shortcomings. Security expert, Julian Arens, said that last May he sent a vulnerability report to the company. Yahoo! had a do-nothing reaction to the complaint and said that the user’s product isn’t supported. Nonetheless, the error in the messenger’s security system makes it easy to gain full access to someone else’s account. Regardless of what the company thinks, millions of people are still its product, meaning that they are potential oblivious hacking victims.
  • Hike has some good news. App developers have rolled out an update that gives users the liberty to create a list of contacts, tap the call button and get in touch with all of them at the same time. The mind-blowing thing is that group calls can support up to 100 Hike users. So there you have it – with just one tap any Hike user can start a global conference. For the time being, only Androiders can get their hands on the new function in Yahoo! Messenger version 4.0.

That’s that. Communicate in real-life, communicate online and see you soon!

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