Threema Releases “Stylish” Update


Threema’s project team — a mobile app based on secure user communication and data protection — has released yet another update for Android devices.

Threema Releases “Stylish” Update

Unlike the previous update, whose innovations were largely dedicated to the transfer of files of different format, the new one focuses on design and app usability. There are, of course, a number of other innovations, which we will cover in due time.
Threema Android version 2.5 lets users choose between a dark and a bright app theme. To switch between the themes you need to go to Settings and select the Appearance submenu.
Furthermore, the dark app theme does indeed look elegant and stylish, and it also saves a lot of battery juice, if your device has an AMOLED display.
Other new features include:
– handy message storage, media and transmitted data management;
– selection, deletion and forwarding of multiple messages at once;
– advanced image processing before sending (crop, rotate);
– new options regarding user location selection.

Threema Releases “Stylish” Update

Get the new version of Threema for Android devices on Google Play. iOS and Windows versions are soon expected to be up on the App Store and Windows Phone Store, respectively.

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1 comment

  • virimusSep 11, 2015 в 20:37

    Looks very nice! Won’t be using the light theme again, I guess.

    This makes using WhatsApp an even greater pain.