AppMess Video Review: Threema Messenger


In February 2014, the public’s attention was draw to the then unknown messaging app Threema, which, according to user feedback, surpassed Koum’s WhatsApp and Durov’s Telegram in terms of security. The fact that the application focuses on data protection forced us to look at it closely in order to understand how users can benefit from using it. What is also interesting is that users can help develop the app’s code and pitch their own ideas and suggestions. Top marks for security, an award in the Communication App category and a prize for being the Best iOS App in Germany in 2014 leave us with no other option, but to analyze the pros and cons of Threema. Let’s get to it.

AppMess Video Review: Threema Messenger

  • 5 out of 7 possible points from EFF is a reasonably good indicator, considering the fact that the majority of the leading messaging apps can barely get three points, meaning that app engineers really did back up their words with actions.
  • The app has double-layered security. End-to-end encryption that covers texts, group chats and media files is another positive aspect of using Threema. After all, this method is legit in the eyes of both the experts and everyday users, who want to paint a picture in their heads of how the app’s mechanism functions. Long story short – don’t worry about your personal data.
  • There are three ways you can add friends in Threema, one of which is meet them in person and scan their personal ID.
  • Synchronization with your phone’s directory is another good move that the German company didn’t hesitate to implement in its application.
  • Threema packed a whole lot of features from day one – send texts, share photos or short videos, as well as your location, record audio messages and create group chats.
  • The insanely simple, but ever so useful option to receive notifications on read messages. I have to say that a lot of the messengers from the top 10 list could sure benefit from it.
  • Threema designers are neck in neck with today’s trends. The app has flat elements and typical trending colors. As for the interface and app structure, they are both satisfactory, although reminiscent of the standard set years ago.
  • Cross-platforms have a significant advantage when the strengths of modern messengers are assessed and Threema passed the test, because it supports all popular platforms that are well optimized.
  • One final advantage is the possibility to operate at low Internet speed, which is still vitally important for many users.


Let’s move on and see what we included in the “drawbacks” section of this product

  • Threema costs two bucks to enjoy, so a lot of people didn’t get an easy opportunity to try out its capabilities. The cost would have at least been justified had the engineers guaranteed tighter user email and phone number security. They still have some fine-tuning to do.
  • Last month’s failed iOS update caused the company some trouble. Users had to wait an entire week before bugs were fixed and they were able to use the app once again. And thought the company claims that the errors were caused by Apple, the fact remains.
  • You have to further customize the app after registration. A tedious process that involves the creation of keys and individual codes, so don’t expect to jump in and have the app running in no time.

Anyway, thanks for watching. Communicate in real life, communicate online and see you soon!


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