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Messenger Not Bound to Facebook Any More

Messenger Not Bound to Facebook Any More

Sign up to the Messenger specifying  surname, name and the phone number Mark Zuckerberg wants Messenger to be used by everyone, even by those who dislikes Facebook and do not use it. Since 24 June residents of the US, Canada, Peru and Venezuela can sign up to the Messenger specifying only (!) their surname, name…

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Are you annoyed by friends who say they’ll send you over a photo ‘in just a sec’, but never do? The new app Moments, developed by Facebook, will retrieve your photos, buried deep inside other people’s smartphones. The operating principle of the app is based on the facial recognition technology. The app scans user gallery…

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Facebook Messenger has set quite a goal for itself – monopolize global Internet communication. Seems that now they are after the gaming biz. In fact, Doodle Draw has recently been spotted in the app. The guys over at Facebook claim that this is the first full game available on Messenger’s platform since its launch back in…

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Zuckerberg Mark

An American computer programmer, Internet entrepreneur, US dollar billionaire, a co-founder and co-developer of Facebook social network, philanthropist.

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AppMess Video Review: Facebook Messenger

Facebook’s application was initially created as a communication client within the largest social network. In August 2011, Facebook Messenger’s predecessor, Messenger for Mobile, was available for iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms. 2012 was a turning-point year, since for the first time users without FB accounts were able to login in with their phone number. This…

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Facebook Messenger has decided to get rid of its location sharing feature and replace it with an option to share more precise location with one’s friends instead. Thus you will show them where exactly you are right now or where you are going to be. According to Stand Chudnovsky, one of the Messenger top executives,…

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Get Facebook Messenger in BlackBerry World

It has been a very short while since the Facebook team produced a beta version of the Messenger to be tested by BlackBerry users. And now, almost a few weeks after, the app has been released in the BlackBerry World. The app’s version available in the BlackBerry World is quite different from the one that…

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AppMess Review: Facebook Messenger free download

Facebook Messenger is a unique messaging app integrated with the Facebook social network. Initially, it was made for the convenience of Facebook users, not only a mobile version was introduced but also a web version and a PC one. This Facebook Messenger review will outline technical possibilities of the app. Major data about the app:…

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Rumours say that Facebook is seeking games, and is even negotiating with developers, whose games will be integrated into Messenger. Officially Mark Zuckerberg announced the support of third-party apps for the Messenger as early as in March 2015 during the F8 conference. Since then the Messenger has added an option to use photos, animated videos…