FBWhen communicating online with people you do not know, you prefer to know who they are and where they come from. To let users find out the necessary details asap, Facebook Messenger releases a new app. From now on, when chatting with a person that you have not communicated with before, the top of the messages will contain his/her data, such as his the city of residence or the place of employment and the position there. The app has already started on iOS and Android in the US, UK, France, and India.

Imagine that someone is messaging you, and since you do not know this person, you hesitate whether to reply them or not. Thanks to the new app, you will immediately see that someone is, let’s say, a teacher, someone is, for example, from California. This could refresh your memory and may help you remember where you know this person from. Even if this proves to be is a total stranger, this brief info should help you quickly decide whether it ‘s worth continue chatting to them.

You can expand the app’s effect to your friends’ profiles in the Facebook social network. It will constantly let you find out immediately about any changes that happen in your friends’ lives, like who has moved where or about their new jobs.

It doesn’t matter whether you have friended your respondent, you will still be able to see his/her initial data. However, developers respect other people’s privacy, so they have made visible only the data that the user has made publicly accessible.

FBThis update is quite relevant, since seeing this kind of data helps find new friends and use your account for professional activity. You would spend much less time finding out where the person is from or what he/she does.

Previously, Facebook support service received a lot of complaints about messages from non-friends, complaints about notifications coming to the old e-mail address, etc. Now, if you want to avoid such kind of problems, use Facebook Messenger.

After Facebook had turned into two projects – a social network and a messaging app – you can do two important things simultaneously: use one account for your personal life, and the other account – for searching for people who work in the same sphere as you.

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