Will GetGems and Telegram cooperate on bots?

Will GetGems and Telegram cooperate on botsWe have already mentioned many a time in our articles that chatbots are extremely popular among users. It has recently been reported that Facebook Messenger is working on a virtual customer assistant that would help users make purchases.

Today GetGems wrote in its official blog that the Russian Telegram app has launched a chatbot that simplifies working with cryptocurrencies in GetGems.

Julia is your personal Bitcoin Teller

The new bot is called Julia and GetGems is positioning it as a personal Teller for its customers. Since exchanging gems and bitcoins is the messenger’s primary feature, it seems quite natural that the company is doing its utmost to improve this customer option.

How is the bot activated?

Search in the Russian Telegram app for @getgemsbot and then follow the simple process of set-up. Once this is done, you will be able to send, request delivery and receive bitcoins from your GetGems social network wallet without exiting the chat window.

How is the bot activatedBasic things the chatbot can do:

  • Request delivery or send bitcoins instantly via e-mail or directly to the bitcoin address.
  • Set up you bitcoin account and run it both through Telegram and GetGems.
  • Let you access your wallet any time.
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