Chat bots idea

The bots will not make any difficulties for Telegram usersA few years ago, a Nimbuzz app with a small user base (and now somewhat forgotten) launched “chat bots” option. These bots could give you a weather forecast or send a user his/her horoscope. In the end, the platform was sold, however the mighty potential behind this idea was never unleashed.

Today, a war between messaging apps is underway. Among other “fighting parties” are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Russian app Telegram. This last participant sometimes produces quite original ideas. E.g., it is preparing to come up with support for Apple Watch (seems a bit too late, though) and with a new Bot-platform.

Russian Telegram chat bots

Pavel Durov, famous for creating the social network, has made a few comments on how this platform is going to operate. In short, it will enable third party developers to create bots, which will be, technically speaking, standard Telegram accounts run by software with A.I. features.

The bots will not make any difficulties for Telegram users, since they will not have to conduct any dialogues with these bots. The apps will offer customized keyboards with optional responses. E.g., you will be able to vote using thumb-up/thumb-down buttons, or choose the number of stars to rate a joke.

During the test period, the beta testers created and implemented the following sample bots:

  • The bots @ImageBot – after sending this bot a keyword, you will receive a relevant image in reply.
  • @TriviaBot – test your knowledge and your horizon width or add it to groups to compete with friends.
  • @PollBot – add this bot to group chats for making surveys.
  • @RateStickerBot – vote for new stickers.
  • @AlertBot – set a time and it will send you a reminder for whatever you say.
  • @GithubBot – follow GitHub updates.

Apparently, Pavel Durov is tired of investing in a loss-making project. Therefore, he decided to start showing ads in the Russian Telegram, contrary to the promise he made. This version is supported by the high level of the platform complexity – a bot will be hard to make for an average user and as for businesses, they can both create a bot and make it sell their product.

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