WhatsApp completes introduction of end-to-end encryption

WhatsApp completes introduction of end-to-end encryption

It took messaging app WhatsApp around 18 months to complete its end-to-end encryption project. Encryption was first introduced in the app in 2014 for Android operating devices. However, it did not cover all messages back then. Now, the company has fully completed introduction of end-to-end encryption for all operating systems and platforms. “From now on…

WhatsApp camera gets a makeover

WhatsApp camera gets a makeover

WhatsApp interface was updated a year ago. However, the app’s built-in camera remained the same, looking like something from the past. Finally, the company has given it a much-needed makeover. The new camera interface now goes much better with the overall app’s design. The awkward blue shutter button has been replaced with a neat white…


WhatsApp Vulnerability Spotted

According to open source data, a fifth of WhatsApp’s billion-strong user base favors the app’s web client. As a matter of fact, the aforementioned version of the service was launched just a short while ago and has already managed to cause a few significant problems. A couple of days back, representatives of an IT company…

WhatsApp 900 mln LOGO

WhatsApp Hits 900 Million Users. Time To Monetize?

A couple of days ago, Jan Koum post a comment on his Facebook page saying that his messaging app has achieved yet another outstanding result. WhatsApp, which was purchased by Mark Zuckerberg for an unimaginable-for-the-market $19 billion and which is still looking for a business model (even a potential one), has reached 900 million MAU…

WhatsApp Web is now available for iOS

WhatsApp Web now available for iOS

WhatsApp Web version for iOS In less than a year from the WhatsApp Web’s release the browser version of the messaging app for the iOS platform hit the ground. Earlier, users could see an iOS button on the app’s website, but it only meant there was a mobile version of WhatsApp for iPhone fans to download….

WhatsApp chats can be saved on Google Drive

WhatsApp chats can be saved on Google Drive

WhatsApp’s updated Android version supports Google Drive Some good news for WhatsApp users: their favorite app’s new version now includes the ability to save message and call history on Google Drive. The newly arrived features allow users to set up their backups and restore user correspondence and media with the assistance of the user’s Google…

Windows 10 to friendWhatsApp

Windows 10 to friend WhatsApp

Microsoft Edge is going to support WhatsApp No doubt, the Windows 10 release is one of the hottest news this summer. Apart from an updated version of the OS, Windows users will get another bonus – the “prehistoric” and no longer popular Internet Explorer is going. A new Microsoft Edge browser will replace it. However,…

Whatsapp for office work


Are messaging apps taking up businesses? Messaging apps are everpresent, simple to use and mostly free of charge. Their popularity, apart from the indicated factors is also to do with the convenience of searching for a chat partner: the fact that they are bound to the phone book makes messengers one of the best tools…

Azerbaijan to tighten grip on Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp

Azerbaijan to tighten grip on Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp?

Are popular messaging apps going to fall under the control of Baku? Passions about messaging apps are rising worldwide. On a regular basis politicians come forward with the desire to limit the capabilities of texting apps or ban them altogether. This June, popular communication services like WhatsApp, Skype and even social network Facebook were temporarily…



What’s new with WhatsApp 2.12.5? On August 5, the most popular IM app for iOS devices released an update. While working on this version of the app, the team finally did pay attention to the critics and begging users had sent in and added a great number of necessary functionalities. From now on, users can…