WhatsApp chats can be saved on Google Drive

WhatsApp chats can be saved on Google Drive

WhatsApp’s updated Android version supports Google Drive

Some good news for WhatsApp users: their favorite app’s new version now includes the ability to save message and call history on Google Drive. The newly arrived features allow users to set up their backups and restore user correspondence and media with the assistance of the user’s Google account. Users have several options to choose from: daily, weekly, monthly, or they can manually back up their files.

WhatsApp’s updated Android version supports Google DriveWhatsApp spokespeople claim that the backup function was in the pipeline for quite a while. They elaborated saying that should a user lose his/her device or make a switch to a different Android phone, his/her chats will be kept in safety. WhatsApp suggests connecting to a Wi-Fi network before backing the chats up via Google Drive. The files may be different in size, consuming mobile data and costing you additional fees.

How do I set up my WhatsApp backup?

Those who wish to configure the new function need to go to their phone’s Settings menu, select Chats and Call, followed by Chat Backup. Once the function is enabled, users will be asked to enter their Google account data and grant WhatsApp permission to use the Drive.

The requirements that need to be met in order to use the service are minimal: an account linked to the used device, Google Play and enough Google Drive space.How do I set up my WhatsApp backup?

Users unhappy with new WhatsApp feature?

After the new function was presented, some users complained that the app required Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher, while others noted that the new function wouldn’t work unless the app was installed from scratch.

The explanation turned out to be rather prosaic: the developers are pushing for the improvement of this feature, adding and removing options along the road. This is exactly why not all users are able to back up their data and why not every Android version supports it.

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