Windows 10 to friend WhatsApp

Windows 10 to friendWhatsApp

Microsoft Edge is going to support WhatsApp

No doubt, the Windows 10 release is one of the hottest news this summer. Apart from an updated version of the OS, Windows users will get another bonus – the “prehistoric” and no longer popular Internet Explorer is going. A new Microsoft Edge browser will replace it.

Microsoft Edge is going to support WhatsAppHowever, the users of WhatsApp web-version were not particularly happy about it: the new browser did not support this chat app. Just like the previous one, however.  That made Microsoft finally say goodbye to non-functional browsers and start catching up with the times. The other day, it was reported that this drawback of Microsoft Edge will soon be fixed and WhatsApp users will be able to communicate easily.

The only question that remains is why users will want to wait that long? You cannot run WhatsApp from Microsoft Edge without any tricks. However, the app runs perfectly on Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.

Microsoft reps say that the web-version of WhatsApp for the new browser will be available after the OS is updated. No particular dates were named, though.

Lifehack: run WhatsApp on Microsoft now!

Here’s a little lifehack on how to run WhatsApp for Web on Microsoft Edge without waiting for the update.Lifehack run WhatsApp on Microsoft now!

  1. Open the web-version of the messenger in Microsoft Edge. Unlike other browsers, in Microsoft’s new product you will find no QR-code that you use to enter the app. Don’t panic.
  2. In the browser, enter Developer Tool (you can do it by pressing the hot key F12) and enable WhatsApp.
  3. To do that, click the Emulation tab. There you will find an option to change User Agent String in the Mode menu. There you will have to change User Agent String from Microsoft Edge to Chrome, Firefox or Opera (the new browser can be selected in the pop-down menu).
  4. Now – exit Developer Tool and refresh the page with the WhatsApp web-version. If you have done everything correctly, you will see a QR-code and then will be able to run the app.
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