Telegram Update. Clouds Are Coming Closer

Russian Telegram is exceeding its usual pace and has released the second update within seven days. Of course, this is far from the world creation that supposedly took a week; however, the new pace and the quality of updates look good. What are they up to this time?   iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive have also been integrated…


Telegram Update. # and @

We barely had time to upload the article on Bindle – the ‘legit’ group messaging app – before Russian Telegram’s latest update managed to make it completely redundant.


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. New Telegram Stickers

Frankly speaking, new stickers become available every day, but only Russian Telegram is worthy of the spotlight. Here’s why – they aren’t chasing large numbers. [widgetkit id=”7″ widget=”switcher” nav=”thumbnails” position=”bottom” alignment=”center” link=0 social_buttons=0] Texting apps like LINE, Viber and WeChat are tightly packed with stickers.  What Russian Telegram did was they took world-renowned artists, scientists, actors and…


How Somebody “Hacked” Telegram

Russian Telegram staff likes it when somebody raises a security issue with them. They reckon that the fact that they make contests where anyone can find weaknesses in their method of encryption help them deliver their service better. Russian Telegram top management even rewards people for offering them ways to make the IM app more protected than…


Telegram’s Growth

Russian Telegram’s blog has been updated with some new statistics. The messaging app’s constant improvements and updates are finally paying off. The screenshots below show the number of daily sent messages in June 2014 and February 2015.  [widgetkit id=”6″ widget=”switcher” nav=”thumbnails” position=”bottom” alignment=”center” link=0 social_buttons=0] In less than one year, the number of messages sent via…


4.3 M Users Change WhatsApp for Telegram

Jan Koum’s and Durov brothers’ messaging apps are in special kind of relations. We have written about Pavel’s predictions and his scalding tweets, and that Koum accused Pavel of being able only to steal technologies but failing to create any of his own. Simultaneously with their intense arguments, Russian Telegram made a clever use of setbacks…


TeleInstagram? Telegram Update

According to the IM’s blog, “This update reflects Russian Telegram’s essence”. On 25 February, the Durov brothers’ brainchild got updated. The update introduced Passcodes and Photo Editor. Read all about it under the cut. Passcode Now you can set a password to Russian Telegram on iOS and Android devices. This can be done in the settings menu: [widgetkit…


Telegram the Unhacked

The Durov brothers are keeping the $300,000 cash prize Yet another Russian Telegram contest has come to an end. The essence of the competition hasn’t changed — you needed to hack into a private chat within the messenger and acquire the emails together with their passwords from the fake conversation between two bots named Nick and…


Telegram + Ubuntu Phone

Ubuntu Phone new device, positioning itself as a communicator and a media streaming player, will be available for €170 in a few weeks. This project became interesting thanks to its developers, who also produce Canonical operating systems. As far as performance and features go the price is justified: 2 sim-cards, 4.5-inch screen (540×960 pixels), 1GB…



Behind every popular product there is a genius. Bill Gates was Microsoft’s prodigy, Steve Jobs did it for Apple, and Mark Zuckerber struck gold with Facebook. Billions of people are using products from these companies, while the names of the founders are buzz words. When it comes down to messengers the case is totally different….