A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words. New Telegram Stickers


Frankly speaking, new stickers become available every day, but only Russian Telegram is worthy of the spotlight.

Here’s why – they aren’t chasing large numbers.

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Texting apps like LINE, Viber and WeChat are tightly packed with stickers.  What Russian Telegram did was they took world-renowned artists, scientists, actors and poets, most of whom are deceased, and combined them with today’s memes and emotions, that nobody can do without. They cleaned up, basically, everyone’s act and spared us the torture of fluffy bunnies, kittens, cartoons with typical captions like “Good night”, “Good morning” and so on.

There are only 29 one-of-a-kind stickers on offer so far.

Anyway, see them for yourself:

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A separate tab just for stickers wasn’t created. Each one is linked to a specific emoji:

The stickers are gratis and, according to the app’s blog, it’ll stay that way.

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The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox

Price: Free

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