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According to the IMs blog, “This update reflects Russian Telegrams essence.

On 25 February, the Durov brothers’ brainchild got updated. The update introduced Passcodes and Photo Editor. Read all about it under the cut.


Now you can set a password to Russian Telegram on iOS and Android devices. This can be done in the settings menu:

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The password can be as simple as four digits or it could be really complex. The complex version lets you use any keyboard symbol:


Press the ‘Lock’ icon to lock the app:



We all know how irritating locking the app can get, which is why you can enable the automatic lock. It allows you to block your app every minute, five minutes, hour, or five hours.

Owners of Apple iPhones that support Touch ID can use their fingerprints to set a lock on their devices.

Photo Editor

Over 35 million photos are sent via telegram daily. For comparison, 70 million photos are sent via Instagram”, the blog reports.

Finally, Russian Telegram is equipped with a decent photo editor. When sending your photos Russian Telegram offers you to improve it in a single click, or use the built-in scroll box:

This is what I managed to do (although I do not recommend playing with each and every scroll box):



This update takes Russian Telegram to the front of the race once again, confirming that they indeed are a few steps ahead. While WhatsApp is busy with their web version, Viber’s working on its stickers, Russian Telegram is changing the whole concept of the game right under our noses

The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox

Price: Free

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