Telegram Update. Clouds Are Coming Closer


Russian Telegram is exceeding its usual pace and has released the second update within seven days. Of course, this is far from the world creation that supposedly took a week; however, the new pace and the quality of updates look good.

What are they up to this time?


iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive have also been integrated into the messenger. Each of the services works inside the messaging app without launching the apps of the same name. Should this be about documents that need to be shared with a team, a personal photo archive or a presentation – all of those are a few taps away. Alas, it is all available only for iOS users.

The second part of the update was about video and sharing several files simultaneously. From now on, you may trim videos before sending them.



Before the update implementation, you could only send photos on a massive scale. Now you can combine them with videos, and check their resolution and size before sharing.




Hashtags began supporting hieroglyphs and searching for them became more convenient. Upon entering the # symbol, you can see the dropdown list with all the hashtags that have been used in this chat. In the Android version, you can now delete the history of searching for photos, gif. files and hashtags when tapping them.


In its blog, Russian Telegram warns that they are shipping another update next week. Well, we’re looking forward to that.

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