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We barely had time to upload the article on Bindle – the ‘legit’ group messaging app – before Russian Telegram’s latest update managed to make it completely redundant.

What has Russian Telegram’s foremost update given us?

 Revamped group chats.

Now, it has been made possible to respond to individual messages in group chats. It gives off a vibe similar to the social network comment section. The interlocutor is notified as you reply to a message, even if they’ve disabled this function. To write back to somebody just click on the message (double-click if iOS). The replies have simplified chat navigation – by clicking the quoted message the app will automatically scroll up to the original text.


You can use @nickname to add necessary participants to our conversation. They will be notified even if they disabled group chat notifications. You can see that @McQuarry and @Cooper are getting some juice packs 


You can now click on words that begin with the hashtag symbol. Once youve clicked on ‘#’, the search engine will instantly show every dialog where it was mentioned

Forward & comment

You can add a comment to any outgoing messageIt will appear above the sent message.

Russian Telegram group chats are slowly making us delete Skype.

Group chats can hold up to 200 users, same old stickers and link previews, and now – hashtags and mentions — I’ve seen enough, Durov! You know where this is going.“

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