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Yahoo! Messenger Not Secure & Company Does Not Mind

Yahoo’s trademark laziness and unwillingness to correct its own mistakes, even if they are served on a silver platter, make the app notoriously unique. Security expert, Julian Arens, voiced a story in support of the aforementioned fact. He said that he sent a vulnerability report to the company as early as May 2014. In response,…


WeChat suggests “creating” in a big way

WeChat messenger has allowed (that goes for iOS users only, though) users to create messages of the “rich media” type. This phrase means that a message can include a text, photo, A/V recording or user location simultaneously. In order to create such, let us use this word, installations, you need a device running on iOS….


WhatsApp Vulnerability Spotted

According to open source data, a fifth of WhatsApp’s billion-strong user base favors the app’s web client. As a matter of fact, the aforementioned version of the service was launched just a short while ago and has already managed to cause a few significant problems. A couple of days back, representatives of an IT company…


Kik Introduces QR Codes

It isn’t know whether Tencent representatives said something during the Kik investment deal, or whether the conclusion was independently drawn by Ted Livingston’s team, but the fact remains: the Canadian messaging app ripped off one of the main features of Chinese messaging app WeChat – the QR code. Last month, company co-founder and CEO Ted…


Threema Releases “Stylish” Update

Threema’s project team — a mobile app based on secure user communication and data protection — has released yet another update for Android devices.

WeChat Lifestyle

WeChat Lifestyle

WeChat messaging app isn’t just a means of user communication, but it is also a platform for various brands — from big global ones to small local businesses with vivid imagination. WeChat’s team has put together all the different cases of such companies. Smart Livin’ The LINQ Smart Room Having scanned the special QR codes,…

WhatsApp 900 mln LOGO

WhatsApp Hits 900 Million Users. Time To Monetize?

A couple of days ago, Jan Koum post a comment on his Facebook page saying that his messaging app has achieved yet another outstanding result. WhatsApp, which was purchased by Mark Zuckerberg for an unimaginable-for-the-market $19 billion and which is still looking for a business model (even a potential one), has reached 900 million MAU…

Viber vs Telegram

Unoriginal Copycat. Pavel Durov Accused of Plagiarizing Viber Stickers

Russian software developer and founder of messaging app Telegram, Pavel Durov, has once again found himself at the center of a scandal: Talmon Marco, creator of the popular communication app Viber, has accused Durov of plagiarism. Stickers are the subject matter of the scandal: Marco is confident that the design of Telegram stickers was “borrowed”…


“Toilet” Messaging App Sees Light of Day

Talk About Weird Startups It is a well-known fact that the best way of creating an original startup is to find a vacant niche and fill it with your product. Pooductive creator Ricardo Gruber has a very interesting take on the idea: his texting app lets you exchange secure messages with a person who is…


Following Trends: Very Korean Sticker Packs From KakaoTalk

K-Minute on KakaoTalk If you are into Korean pop culture in all its manifestations (trust me, there are a lot of worthy things to see, hear and read), you’ll love the special surprise from KakaoTalk messaging app: K-Minute. It is essentially a bot that you can follow and receive messages from a number of accounts,…