WeChat Lifestyle

WeChat Lifestyle

WeChat messaging app isn’t just a means of user communication, but it is also a platform for various brands — from big global ones to small local businesses with vivid imagination. WeChat’s team has put together all the different cases of such companies.

Smart Livin’img_7

The LINQ Smart Room

Having scanned the special QR codes, WeChat users get the possibility to connect to local systems and control various interior elements of a hotel suite.

Just picture yourself walking into your room after a stressful day – you can turn on the lights, open the blinds and curtains, set the room temperature, and all of this can be done without ever getting up. All this and much more is waiting on WeChat users, who connected to the LINQ Hotel service. For example, you can activate “sleep” mode: upon activation it turns off the lights, shuts the drapes and locks the door.

Shipping and Delivery

Picup’s official account transforms your mobile device into a handy means for delivering online orders to real addresses. With the help of this innovative function, users gain access to an effective, affordable and convenient courier service.

Registered WeChat users are just a few clicks away from assigning their order to their favorite deliveryman without all the bureaucracy and needless paperwork.

Easy Taxi

WeChat’s partnership with Singapore-based Easy Taxi kicked off in 2014 with the aim to provide an easy cab-hailing solution. The messaging app has an official EasyTaxiSGP account, which is fitted with a “Hail Cab” button. Once an order has been placed, the closest to the user taxi moves to the specified location.



South African project Money for Jam allows WeChat users to make a small profit by performing various tasks around the city. All M4JAM orders are placed via WeChat’s official account. The orders can differ from participating in a research survey all the way to playing the “secret shopper”

In addition, M4JAM doesn’t just let WeChat users make a little money, but it also breaks down the company projects into small tasks that can be completed by the entire WeChat community. Official accounts permit businessmen to outsource tasks, providing users with another way of making money

Online Payments and Donationsimg_8


UNICEF’s official page has presented a way to make payments and a platform allowing providing assistance around the globe. WeChat users can easily join in on the positive work via their devices. In addition to donating a sum of money, users can send an “inspired gift”: in this case, funds will go to a specific project — for example, vaccination, the creation of educational resources or vitamins to improve the lives of children around the world.


The largest health and beauty care chain store in Asia has opened its official account and created its own online store on WeChat’s platform. Users can order goods while the system checks whether they are currently in stock. In China, users can get access to their personal VIP dashboard and locate the nearest store.

Watsons has also created a voting platform for the Malaysian “Raya Ni Dah Kahwin” contest. It lets you vote for an actor or an actress and spend an unforgettable magical evening with them.

Media and Entertainment

South African Reality TV

Reality TV show, Big Brother, has a South African franchise. This show has created an official WeChat account that you can use to vote for participants to stay in the show, communicate with other fans of the program and even its participants. Moreover, users can post their comments to a public chat that is broadcasted on a separate channel dedicated to the show.


img_3 (1)Lybrate.com

When you are feeling sick, the last thing you want to think about is getting to the doctor’s office. In India, the Lybrate.com project and WeChat resolved this problem. Use the official account to contact any one of the thousand available certified doctors from across the country with no charge and anonymously.

Furthermore, the account can help you set a doctor’s appointment, get general advice and tips on how to lead a healthy lifestyle, recommendations for parents and tips about living with chronic diseases.

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