Following Trends: Very Korean Sticker Packs From KakaoTalk


K-Minute on KakaoTalk

If you are into Korean pop culture in all its manifestations (trust me, there are a lot of worthy things to see, hear and read), you’ll love the special surprise from KakaoTalk messaging app: K-Minute.

It is essentially a bot that you can follow and receive messages from a number of accounts, such as K-pop, K-fashion, K-beauty, nutrition tips with recipes, anecdotes and page-turning stories. K-Minute also posts news articles and holds various contests, which means that, according to app engineers, you don’t need to scroll your entire news feed or search for news online anymore. In addition, thanks to the fact that KakaoTalk is integrated with social networks, sharing is now easier than ever before.


Fun Promotional Event From KakaoTalk

In order to fuel the hype around the new project, a promotional action was organized: if you add K-Minute to your friend list within the period from the 3rd to the 7th of September, you will be presented with an exclusive sticker pack featuring Jay-G – one of the most popular KakaoTalk sticker characters.

This process is actually very simple from the technical standpoint:

  • Tap Find;
  • Search for @thekminute (do not forget the “@” symbol), then add it to your list of friends via Plus Friend. Another way is to scan the QR code on the messenger’s home page;
  • Once you add K-Minute you will automatically be offered to download the complementary sticker pack.


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