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Is UK Against Security?

In case of his reelection, UK Prime Minister David Cameron promises to consider the issue of banning encrypted end-to-end messengers like WhatsApp, iMessage, Snapchat, Russian Telegram, etc, if these services refuse to make customer data accessible for British special services. The law is to be implemented in 2016. Giving his arguments, Cameron mentioned the recent acts…


Brief Case File: Wire

The Next Web had its point when it put the Wire messenger on the list of the most promising 2014 projects, predicting it to grow big and strong in 2015. So why is the messenger so good, and what are its advantages?



In mid-2013 WhatsApp pleased its supporters with some pleasant numbers – 200 million people are happily using or logging on to the service at least once a month. In April of the same year another piece of information swept the media – a half a billion active WhatsApp users. At the time analysts had doubts regarding the…



Snapchat managed to start the year off with yet another success. This time the messenger received more than $485 million during the last investment round. In this regard, why not go over the ingredients of a successful cocktail from one of the most promising messengers of the past year. A tad of music The young,…