WeChat suggests “creating” in a big way


WeChat messenger has allowed (that goes for iOS users only, though) users to create messages of the “rich media” type. This phrase means that a message can include a text, photo, A/V recording or user location simultaneously.

WeChat suggests “creating” in a big way

In order to create such, let us use this word, installations, you need a device running on iOS. The messenger must be updated to version 6.2.5 released on September 10.

From now on, users can create such complex messages and store them in the Favorites folder or send them to both private and group chats.

To create a media-message, take the following steps:

When in WeChat, got to the Me menu, then – to Favorites, tap +.
Enter the title of the new note.
Start typing a text in the note window or use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to add an image, location or an audio file.

WeChat suggests “creating” in a big way

When you’re done, tap the “<” button to save the current note and go to the list of all the notes.
After a user has created a rich media message, he can share it with his chat partners in WeChat. This is a simple thing to do:
Go to Favorites, select a note you wish to send.
Tap the settings button (which looks like “…”) at the top of the screen.
Tap Send to Chat and select a chat.

Let us recall, that to access the new option, you will need the latest WeChat version 6.2.5. So far, nothing has been reported regarding any updates for other mobile operating systems but we will do our utmost to look out for the news for you.

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