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Welcome ooVoo To Your Web Browser

Welcome ooVoo To Your Web Browser

Supporters of different apps and gadgets barely had time to come to their senses after ooVoo presented its cool animated video characters. Yet the app decided to give its users another new feature to be happy about. An announcement was made yesterday regarding the release of the app’s desktop client. Apparently, users no longer need…

Windows 10 to friendWhatsApp

Windows 10 to friend WhatsApp

Microsoft Edge is going to support WhatsApp No doubt, the Windows 10 release is one of the hottest news this summer. Apart from an updated version of the OS, Windows users will get another bonus – the “prehistoric” and no longer popular Internet Explorer is going. A new Microsoft Edge browser will replace it. However,…

WhatsApp for Edge


WhatsApp Web for Microsoft Edge Hot discussions of the news about Windows 10 release continue. Another surprise that this software package gives us is the Microsoft Edge browser (so long, good old Internet Explorer!). There is only one problem, though – the new browser is a little inconvenient for those who use the web-based version…