Yahoo! Messenger Not Secure & Company Does Not Mind

Yahoo’s trademark laziness and unwillingness to correct its own mistakes, even if they are served on a silver platter, make the app notoriously unique. Security expert, Julian Arens, voiced a story in support of the aforementioned fact. He said that he sent a vulnerability report to the company as early as May 2014. In response,…


Threema Releases “Stylish” Update

Threema’s project team — a mobile app based on secure user communication and data protection — has released yet another update for Android devices.


“Toilet” Messaging App Sees Light of Day

Talk About Weird Startups It is a well-known fact that the best way of creating an original startup is to find a vacant niche and fill it with your product. Pooductive creator Ricardo Gruber has a very interesting take on the idea: his texting app lets you exchange secure messages with a person who is…


AppMess Review: HipChat free download

The era of corporate messaging apps is in full swing. The plethora of available startups on the modern market has created a high demand for quality applications, capable of combining various useful functions such as the ability to communicate between various departments and specialists. This requires integrating a bunch of services or otherwise the entire…


AppMess Review: Confide free download

Are you worried about the safety and privacy of your personal correspondence? Is Telegram not providing you with the desired level of security? Is everyone around you trying to access your messaging app’s information? Well, there is a solution – Confide. This messaging app was designed to satisfy the needs of users, whose strive for…


Keep Track of RSS, Twitter and Facebook Feeds with HipChat

HipChat Update The messaging app HipChat has presented new, exciting and useful functions. Now users can integrate all of their favorite RSS, Facebook and Twitter feeds into one of the Rooms. App engineers claim that user-created Rooms are personal assets. Therefore, they can be used for anything, including cute kittens, as long as the user…

AppMess Review Wire free download

AppMess Review: Wire free download

Recently, a new event has stirred up the media – Skype’s development team has released Wire, the messaging app of the next generation. They put together a real star-spangled team, including the company’s ex-VP and many celebrated developers. People were expecting something spectacular. Although, it’s too early to tell how well expectations were realized. However,…


Celebrity Favorite Video Messaging App Dubsmash Attracts $5.5 Million in Investments

Inflow of Money in Dubsmash Dubsmash is a Berlin-based startup company with a team of 15 people. It spent roughly two years on developing the eponymous video messaging app. The messenger has innovative velfie functions: pick a famous song and record yourself singing along to it (known as lip-syncing). The other day, the company was…

AppMess Review Tinder free download

AppMess Review: Tinder free download

Messaging apps are a certain trend of the new generation. This kind of apps allow you to communicate in all ways and for all sorts of purposes – starting with making somebody’s acquaintance and finishing with managing a business and setting technical tasks for companies. Ten years ago such statements would have sounded ridiculous at…


“Let’s try ChatGraping this one” or 6 ways of enhancing communication

Messaging app ChatGrape can be used for different purposes, creators claim. One way of using it is to improve the quality of our communication and of how we exchange info in groups working on the same project. ChatGrape engineers used their own experience to describe how to make team communication more effective, less demanding to…