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Are you worried about the safety and privacy of your personal correspondence? Is Telegram not providing you with the desired level of security? Is everyone around you trying to access your messaging app’s information? Well, there is a solution – Confide. This messaging app was designed to satisfy the needs of users, whose strive for secure communication is so strong that it sometimes comes off as paranoid.

As amusing as it may seem, but users with similar problems are a dime a dozen out there, especially considering recent scandals with data leakage, wiretapping and espionage.

We made it our business to figure out what is so groundbreaking and new about Confide and what makes it safer than other messaging apps that are marketed as such.

Messenger background:

  • Confide was developed by former AOL and Yext men Jon Brod and Howard Lerman, respectively
  • The idea to create the app was inspired by these words: “Spoken words disappear after they’re heard. But what you say online remains forever. We think this is crazy”
  • Confide lets you share Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files


  • Upload images, audio and video files to Confide chats
  • All text messages are erased after they’re read
  • Unorthodox way of reading messages. Messages are initially hidden under solid blocks. They are revealed when the user taps a line. Messages are immediately deleted and aren’t kept anywhere


  • All messages are developer-encrypted and are sent directly to the recipient. No servers involved
  • The app has a built-in anti-screenshot protection. As a user attempts to take a screenshot, the message gets erased straight away and the message sender gets notified
  • Camera access and the ability to snap photos
  • Confide can be integrated with Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive and other handy services


  • Emails, not phone numbers, are used to link contacts in the app
  • Get the ad-free app for free
  • The messenger doesn’t support audio or video calls
  • Your account can be linked with your phone’s contact list or with your Facebook friends


  • Confide engineers are targeting businessmen, because they believe that their personal data must be properly secured
  • Currently the app is available only on iOS
  • Send messages to regular phone numbers


  • More than $100 million have been raised by developers
  • Try the app’s web-version
  • The fact that Confide is synced with all devices is a pleasant bonus. This means that received messages will be displayed on both versions of the app. The same goes for the deletion process – messages are deleted from both devices, regardless of the one you are using

Security and app-related events:

img_7This section should explain why developers decided to create Confide. In an interview with the media, app creators said that the need for the app arose after Lerman found a potential employee and sent an email to Brod. The latter didn’t want to discuss this issue via email due to security issues. They then decided to talk about it over the phone, but with their busy schedules it took them six days. This is when the decision was made to create a “secret” messaging app. The app was meant to keep your message history safe and clean up all the crumbs you leave behind online. Another reason for creating the app is that engineers believe that everything said is lost, while everything posted online stays for good. Brod and Lerman decided to take the matter into their own hands and rectify the situation

In general, users gave the app’s security top marks. To date, there haven’t been reports of hacks or app errors. According to company data, as of this moment the app is 100% secure. For example, Snapchat says its app is 99.7% secure.

Confide free download

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Price: Free

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