“Let’s try ChatGraping this one” or 6 ways of enhancing communication


Messaging app ChatGrape can be used for different purposes, creators claim. One way of using it is to improve the quality of our communication and of how we exchange info in groups working on the same project. ChatGrape engineers used their own experience to describe how to make team communication more effective, less demanding to resources and much more enjoyable.

Service Activities will help you keep your eyes on the ball

Before: Email notifications

Service Activities will help you keep your eyes on the ballWith just one flick of a finger, you can configure your notification system to alert you on everything that’s going on with your in-app services. All you need to do is set it in the integration settings (there is one catch: admin rights are required). By selecting a Room, the user will get an instantaneous heads up when something happens in it.

For example, ChatGrape’s team set up a notification for the “Development” Room, so that they no longer need to write letters to the entire team or a part of it in order to share a new work-related document or some task solution.

However, if a service, intensively used by a company, doesn’t support notifications, you can always use the developer tool set (API), made by ChatGrape, and configure everything on your own. If you won’t be able to work it, you can always send a letter to support@chatgrape.com – they can help you out.

Tip: You can use more than the standard letters, digits and emojis while chatting — check out Emoji Cheat for a change and experience a more varied, cheerful and lively correspondence process.

Say buh-bye to stand-up meets

Before: hall meetings that waste time

Say buh-bye to stand-up meetsChatGrape’s team aims to spend the least amount of time in live meetings, so as not to distract developers from their immediate work responsibilities. This is exactly why these Rooms were created in chats, so that every employee will be able to present their daily reports in it:

  • what he/she did yesterday;
  • task status: will it be complete on time, with a delay or whether assistance is needed.

This solution minimizes the time spent on meetings, but helps keep tabs on every process and individual task.

Who’s-having-what-for-lunch thoughts

Before: loud distracting discussions

Who’s-having-what-for-lunch thoughtsA team has got to eat! A separate Room was set up to satisfy the staff’s desire to talk about lunch. Thanks to this Room, employees can negotiate on the lunchtime and menu without being a distractive force for their colleagues who packed lunch or have other things to worry about at the moment. Moreover, this feature lets you leave your feedback on local joints and delivery services.

Idea depository – Icebox

Before: Task Management System

It is ChatGrape’s profound belief that the process of coming up with an idea and the process of its realization must be separated. Instead of cluttering up the general project management feed with new ideas and putting them into files, which inevitably get lost, ChatGrape created a separate Room where you can elaborate on your idea, react to critical comments and figure out what its value for the team is (or, frankly, visa versa).

Product appearance

Before: folders on your computer drive

Battles of GIFsThe Room that contains screenshots of what the product looks like, relevant innovations and updates turned out to be very handy. If a truckload of images on your hard drive (or cloud storage space) only takes up space and requires you to master the science of information architecture in order to properly name the files for future staff members, the Room presents all images in the chronological order that they were uploaded and discussed in, making it unimaginably easier to locate anything.

Battles of GIFs

Before: nothing

The integration of ChatGrape and Giphy permits users to go crazy with animated images in their correspondence: not only insert their own, but look through chats for other images and use them too. The engineers of the app developed their own GIF game: they communicate exclusively via dynamic images, maintaining the logic of the correspondence. We hear it is extremely fun.

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