Hangouts 4.0 For Android – AppMess News #18

AppMess News #18
  • Voxer messaging app has got a new function prepared for its users. Capture, Voxer’s latest addition, was designed to allow a quick and easy way of sharing photos, audio and video files. The app’s creators claim that this function will help users capture the important moments of life, be it a stunning sunset or a colorful party. The developers didn’t do anything revolutionary, but a long list of useful features never hurt anyone.

AppMess News #18

  • Preevioo a new app for sharing multimedia. Looks like there’s a new player in the ‘youth messaging apps’ team. Experts say that this app is going places, and loyal supporters are confident that Preevioo is capable of getting ahead of Instagram in the distant future. After all, unlike its competition, the app is meant for friendly communication with jokes and pranks. So, if you’re into strict, stern communication apps then Preevioo is not for you. With Preevioo you can have fun editing and changing photos, by adding drawings or stickers. It is also equipped with a timer and a special ‘like’ meter. We’ll keep you posted on any further developments.
  • In other news, Bleep has been updated. BitTorrent’s product got a new Android version. With security as its key advantage, the app further enhanced it, by increasing security when dealing with offline messages. Packed with an encryption system based on ephemeral keys, we get a fascinating range of protection levels. The developers, however, were not fully satisfied with this specific level of data protection and the mechanism itself, which is why now they are, apparently, taking all possible measures to bring their product in line with the initially intended design.
  • Google Hangouts also got renewed. Android users can now get their hands on version 4.0. The iOS update came out a month ago, so now the leading OSs can run the messaging app and display its updated Material Design. Compose has been added to the app’s features list, which lets you create private and group chats. The fact that you can now work with several media files simultaneously also didn’t go unnoticed. After all, it does boost productivity. The creators also didn’t miss the opportunity to improve the performance of their pet project, giving us even more reason to try out the new updated Hangouts.

This is it for the week. Communicate in real life, communicate online and take care!

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