LINE update

Last Friday fans of the Japanese LINE messenger were pleased to see the updated Sticker Shop in the app’s new 5.2.0 version.

It is a well-known fact that LINE is famous for its stickers. Now the Japanese app has ensured that users could search for stickers in the Sticker Shop in the most convenient way for them.

From now on, after you have installed LINE 5.2.0, you will see five new tabs in the Sticker Shop: Home, Free, Rank, Category and New. The new design of the Shop is nice to look at too.

LINE update

The Japanese messaging app lets its users choose between official LINE stickers and stickers made by other users, which can be obtained in the LINE Creators’ Market. When searching, a user will see the following in the search field: Official and Creators.

LINE Sticker Shop categories

LINE Sticker Shop categories

The developers have also done their best to make it easier for users to search for stickers by categories and made the search as functional as possible. Apart from ‘official’ and ‘unofficial’, stickers are also divided based on how popular they are and how frequently they are downloaded. This means that LINE users will not have to spend long going through collections: all the most recent and brightest stickers will be within an easy reach.

LINE Creators’ MarketThere will also be sticker subcategories. I.e. the ‘Cats’ category will have six subcategories:

  1. Humourous
  2. Cute
  3. Weird/Wacky
  4. Cool
  5. Warm/Fuzzy
  6. Dialects & Slang

Depending on the category you choose, the subcategories will also change.

Thus, you will have no trouble at all finding any particular sticker pack that you want.

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