Have you ever had this feeling, when you called somebody: “Gosh, this technology is from the Stone Age! Wish I could talk to more people at the same time; that would be superb!”

The LINE team, apparently, have found a solution for that. When trying to develop a tool for communicating with a large number of people, the team created a free Popcorn Buzz app.

When can you use this app?

  • LineTo plan a wedding, a party or any other kind of mass event, you can sort out all the related issues with everyone at once.
  • When playing a multiuser game. You can get all the players to join this group call and have fun chatting.
  • To talk to your family who live in different parts of the world. No longer need to worry about charges for international calls.
  • To have a conference call at work, everyone will be able to join the discussion.

LINE reps claim that Popcorn Buzz does not have any complex settings or passwords to make the whole thing complicated. The creators of the app suggest that instead of just taking their word for it, you should try and use the app yourself.

Take just three steps to use the app:

  1. LineCreate a New Group.
  2. Give your newly created group a name that would describe the subject and how long the discussion would last.
  3. Invite people to join the group. Use the Invite Friend button or add a LINE user to the chat, or send them an invite link via messaging apps, e-mail or social networks.

Naturally, this scheme best of all fits the users who already have LINE accounts. They are accounts for Popcorn Buzz too.

When a group call starts, a user receives a notification. It will be obvious who initiated the call – this user’s app will be marked yellow.

The developers say they have thoroughly thought of the system of arranging a conference with (just think about it!) 200 users simultaneously. We find it hard to believe because, to be honest, we have failed to find 200 people who’d like to talk to each other simultaneously. Perhaps, luck will be yours.

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