LINE and UNICEF have a sticker collection

The first sign of ‘friendship’ is UNICEF’s official account and a sticker collection.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has begun cooperating with one of the Asia’s most popular messaging apps – LINE. The partnership, as the LINE management says, will be global and it has big plans.

LINE and UNICEF have a sticker collection

UNICEF has been given an official account in LINE. Besides, a new sticker collection has been uploaded into free access. This is just the beginning of the collaboration.

UNICEF in LINE collaboration

All key LINE characters are used in the stickers – Brown, Cony, Moon, and a few others. All the images are to do with childcare and are branded with UNICEF colours.

In the official LINE’s blog, the messenger team urges their users to spread the word about LINE’s new partnership to show support for children all over the world.

UNICEF in LINE collaborationIn order to friend UNICEF in LINE, go to the More menu, choose Official Accounts and then select UNICEF.

The official blog also says that this is just the beginning of their collaboration. They are planning to perform special events and promo events intended for each separate country and regions where LINE is presented.

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