The new version of Pushbullet on Android

The new version of Pushbullet messenger run on Android devices has introduced a new feature – the ability to synchronize all chat threads between a user’s devices, so he/she now can see the whole correspondence on the app’s version for PC, Web version and on their smartphone/tablet. This is one of the most interesting and original functions this messenger offers.

The new functionality is about the following: the Pushbullet interface, common for all devices where the app is installed, has now added a new SMS tab. How does it work? A user now can read, write or edit messages in his PC, then continue chatting from his smartphone and then finish it upon arriving at home in the Pushbullet browser extension on his PC. The conversation will be synchronized on all the devices.

The new version of Pushbullet on Android

Pushbullet has arranged everything

The development team is especially proud by how they have arranged everything – users do not have to change any settings or enter any data or codes. They just need to update their Pushbullet and then – BAM! – on all the versions of the app (desktop, tablet and the web versions) there is an SMS tab where you can find the synchronized message history. Naturally, say the project team, all messages continue to go through the user’s smartphone – the app works in the same way as before on the basic level.

There are two more or less significant restrictions, though: the Android version on a device must be at least 4.4. And the second one is that you cannot send MMS. However, you can view such messages on your phone.

Pushbullet has arranged everything

The new Pushbullet Android version is available for download on the Google Play Market.

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