Pushbullet Instead of a Thousand Desktop IMs


Pushbullet is an app that syncs your device with your PC. It is largely based on push notifications that can be adjusted to fit any event.

Weather forecasts? PB notification. Favorite team wins match? PB notification. You can also select the notifications you will get upon arriving to a certain destination, like work.

Moreover, PB lets you share links/photos/videos/notes between multi-platform devices with a single click.

Yesterday Pushbullet updated and now you can reply to messages from five IMs: Facebook Messenger, Hangouts, LINE, Telegram, WhatsApp. The functionality is minimum: when composing a message you will only see the message box.

Thus, Pushbullet is becoming completely irreplaceable, turning into a huge messaging center that doesn’t force you to install separate desktop versions of each IM.

 If some of your friends are on WhatsApp, others are using Telegram, supporters of the Corporation of Good are, of course, using Hangouts, then with Pushbullet you will be flooded with messages from different apps in a single app.

As usual, something went wrong. For the time being, only devices supporting Android KitKat 4.4 or above are able to send/receive messages on their computer.

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