Line birthday 4 years

LINE Messenger is 4 years old!

Line birthdayLine Corp, the Japanese company, is celebrating this event by posting in the company’s official blog, launching a funny commemorative cartoon online, celebratory wallpaper, and animated graphics. Now let’s talk about all of them in turn.

In its official blog, LINE has thanked all of their 300 M customers for staying their loyal users.

In honour of the anniversary, a 43-video is uploaded too. This video features all of the LINE sticker characters and ends with words “Thanks for 4 great years!”

One more celebratory element is a limited edition chat wallpaper, which users can download and use on their devices for LINE. As the messenger team say, the wallpaper can be downloaded only for a short while. To do that, you have add the official LINE account to your contact list:

Go to LINE > Other > Official Accounts and add LINE’s Official Account.

In this celebratory blog post, the developers have also presented some interesting animated graphics, which contains quite a lot of information about how LINE stickers and emoji changed, gained popularity and were used throughout these four years.

Line birthday infographics release

Infographics is taken from official LINE blog page.

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