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One of the most popular social features of WeChat Messenger is Moments. Basically, it is similar to the ‘wall’ in any social network – users “hang” their post, their friends see those posts, and then “like” and comment on them.

Considering the number of WeChat users – the latest figures give the huge number 600 mn – the app’s popularity is fully justified. To help you get to know the exciting world of Moments from WeChat, the team has prepared answers to some of the most popular questions regarding this feature.

How can I access the Moments feed?

Choose “Discover” in the menu and tap “Moments”.

WeChat Moments

What sort of posts can I make?


This is an excellent way to tell your friends a story – using photos. One post may contain nine images maximum, using the option of location sharing. You can enable your mention-a-friend-in-the-photo feature too.

WeChat Moments


A sight where you currently are and all the views that you are seeing can also be posted to your feed. Just tap the camera icon and choose “Sights”. That will let you record a short, video for 6 seconds.

WeChat Moments

Text posts

You can publish your updated statuses or texts in the Moments feed. To do that, just press and hold the camera icon.

WeChat Moments


You have bumped into an interesting link or a webpage? Nothing could be easier than posting them in your feed as well to let your friends see it.

For that purpose, in your browser (its iOS version) there is a separate icon (AirDrop). By tapping it, you will be redirected to the menu. Select WeChat as a platform for sharing your link, then choose “Share on Moments” and – that’s it!

WeChat Moments

Am I allowed to comment on the posts published by my friends?

Yes, you can “like” and leave comments on the posts made by your friends. The developers pride themselves on the fact that your comments and “likes” will be visible only to your friends in WeChat but not to the friends of your friends.

WeChat Moments

Is it possible to control who sees my posts in Moments?

Of course, it is! Every time you are making a Moment you will see options for publishing. Just select a suitable option.

WeChat Moments

A tip: you can simply create groups of friends; this way you can easily specify who your posts will be visible to.

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