Simply texting isn’t enough for 2015.

That’s why messengers, considering their amount of users, are trying to engage in other activities: online gaming, shopping, banking.

After CES 2015 WeChat announced its cooperation with Ayla Networks and Caesar’s LINQ Hotel & Casino. They presented the first jointly-furnished luxury suites.


As you enter the suite there is a QR code, after scan of which WeChat turns into a super remote control for the entire room.

The video shows an example of how to use it: “Returning home after a long night you can only think about one thing – hitting the hay. You are just too exhausted to go around turning off all the lights, closing the blinds or shutting the curtains. For this reason you get your phone out and get it to do all of your dirty work, while you relax in bed. As an alternative, you can program it to “Sleep” mode and do all of your “chores” in one click.”


It should be noted that WeChat has been trying to combine the offline and online lives of the users. If the LINQ hotel experiment proves to be a success, perhaps, others will join in eventually.

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