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Wechat review

The communication apps’ market is the full swing these days. Every day messaging apps are created which are newer, faster and more interactive than their predecessors are. They keep fighting for users’ attention day and night, which is basically understandable – modern society shows big interest in fast and secure communications. IT developing companies are responding to it by trying to produce something universal to suit everyone. E.g., in January 2011 Tencent released a product, which pretty quickly conquered the Asian market of messaging apps. We are talking about WeChat review here.

WeChat Messenger. Major outlines:

  • Tencent released WeChat in January 2011.
  • The app works on such platforms as iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.
  • A web-version and interface for OS X are available.
  • As of 2013, the total user base was over 300 mn. In 2015, that amount was around 600 mn.

Wechat review

  • The IM service in integrated with Facebook and Tencent QQ social networks.
  • WeChat can be downloaded and installed for free. Only the Internet traffic will require expenses.
  • The app allows sending text messages, video, and audio files.
  • The app has quick access to the camera.
  • The app can use photo filters, add captions.
  • The app supports A/V calls.
  • Wechat reviewYou make calls through the app for free just consuming Internet traffic.
  • There is also an option to make bulk mailout of messages, video and audio files. In addition, you can send messages to other connected messengers.
  • The app supports group chats.
  • You sign up using your phone number or via your Facebook account.
  • Contacts are searched via their individual WeChat ID given to each contact. You can allow the app to access your contact list and it will conduct search itself.
  • You cannot retract or delete messages in WeChat.
  • The app does not show if your message has been read; however, a user can see when the recipient is writing back to him/her.
  • The app can work without Internet access via Bluetooth; to do that, the recipient must be within the reception area.
  • The app supports stickers and emojis. You can send gif. animation to your recipients.
  • The app does not show ads.
  • The app shows network and profile statuses.
  • WeChat can import contacts from other messaging apps and social networks Facebook and Tencent QQ.

Social functionsWechat review

  1. You can use the “Shake it” option when you need to see other WeChat users’ location. After you shake your smartphone, the app shows people who are acting likewise in the area around you. This option is meant for making acquaintances.
  2. WeChat possess such social functionalities as “Look around” and “Message in a bottle”. The “Look around” feature helps search for people who are using the app near the user. Wechat reviewGreat way to meet new people. “Message in a bottle” sends a message to the network. It can be received by any user regardless of the location. And he/she can reply to this message. One more feature for making acquaintances.
  3. Every account has a photo album, which can be protected by privacy settings.
  4. The app has a feed of photos called Moments.
  5. WeChat has its own system of “likes”.
  6. The app has a special notification screen, which shows the number of Wechat reviewlikes and comments to the photos.

Facts and events around the messaging app

WeChat is the leader in the Chinese market of messaging apps. People use it more than other communication apps.
During the presentation in Hong-Kong in 2014 a whole WeChat network for Bluethooth was set up. The presenters urged the audience to use Bluethooth instead of Wi-Fi in order to secure their correspondence. Thus, the messages did not go to the server, and all of the correspondences remained local and protected.

The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox
Price: Free
The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox
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