wechat update

wechat updateThe popular, especially in China, messaging app WeChat has updated to version 6.2 the other day. The update includes quite a lot of rather significant improvements and entertaining functions. The app update also came out for iOS.

The most notable features from this update are the introduction of instant translations in Moments, simplified chat log migration to new devices and new tools for selecting photos for faster image transfer. Certain improvements have been made to Android Wear to meet user demands.

The Moments translation function lets you translate posts or comments from friends that were left under your ‘Moments’. It’s very simple. Just hold your finger over the posted comment or text until different options appear and then tap ‘Translate’.

With Chat log migration users can copy their chat history onto their new device with a flick of a finger. You just need to double check to make sure that both of your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Step two: go to MeSettings. Finally, select ‘General’ from this submenu and tap ‘Chat Log Migration’.

Android Wear backers also received a number of upgrades and enhancements:

  • wechat updatestart a new chat directly from your watch;
  • send text messages;
  • use stickers to reply to messages;
  • send your vital signs to your contacts.

Speaking of smartwatches, Apple Watch owners will be able to enjoy a new experience that goes hand in hand with the update.

Last but not least, the new update saw the introduction of Burmese language support to both Android and iOS. Hong Kong residents have something to be excited about – Traditional Chinese support for Android has been implemented.

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