WechatThe Chinese messenger platform WeChat is gearing up to beat the record of its own revenue for Q1 and seeking new monetization strategies.

Tencent, the company that founded it, will continue experimenting with the amount of adverts in WeChat’s Moments. According to the Chief Strategy Office James Mitchell, WeChat team is doing its best to make advertising content interesting and unique. And that isn’t just blowing smoke: quite a lot of users share advertising Moments with each other.

At the moment, the WeChat team is focusing on preventing users from rejecting the massaging app because of the huge amount of ads.

That fact is that Western messaging apps follow an opposite trend: they strive not to publish so many ads or even to ban adverts completely. One of the crucial reasons for that is the fact that sending marketing newsletters without a user’s approval is considered a privacy violation. For those who wish to receive notifications from their favourite brands, place to go and even celebrities, can sign up for special public chats.

WechatHowever, people in Eastern countries have a different mentality; and marketers do their best to work on this untapped audience. WeChat tested paid content early this year. The advertisers were satisfied.

In China WeChat is much more than just a messaging app. It allows users to play games, call a cab, pay for purchases and recently an option of booking tickets has been introduced. Users share their experience of that with each other using Moments. So there could be plenty of advertising options and formats. Considering that the WeChat user base has stopped growing, the messenger team will do its utmost to create quality advertising content indeed.

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