Brief Case File: Wire


The Next Web had its point when it put the Wire messenger on the list of the most promising 2014 projects, predicting it to grow big and strong in 2015.
So why is the messenger so good, and what are its advantages?

  • Wire was created by Janus Friis, the Skype co-founder, along with some former employees of Nokia, Microsoft, and Apple.
  • The Wire CEO is Jonathan Christensen, the one who founded MSN Messenger and the former Skype vice-president.
  • The application was developed targeted at the latest smartphone models and the latest versions of operating systems.
  • It has a nice set of features: voice calls with high quality sound (thanks to the particular algorithm of its transfer developed specially); group chats, one-to-one communication, sharing of photos, videos from YouTube, and tracks from SoundCloud (with an ability to play them).
  • Calls are made via end-to-end encryption; encrypted messages are sent from a data centre to a user and backwards.
  • Apparently, the messenger is going to be ad free and monetized through paid features but those will hardly appear soon.
  • The application is designed in an original, trendy manner in a minimalist style.
  • A free version of Wire is already available for iOS, Android, Mac OS X. A browser-based version is also expected to be released.

Get more information from Wire web-site.

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