Snapchat managed to start the year off with yet another success. This time the messenger received more than $485 million during the last investment round.

In this regard, why not go over the ingredients of a successful cocktail from one of the most promising messengers of the past year.

A tad of music

The young, but already iconic messenger of modern youth (especially Western) — Snapchat — continues conquering its target audienceIn October 2013 the company released several promotional videos featuring not particularly well-known artists (Vance Joy, Strange Talk, Goldroom) with the goal of showing that Snapchat fosters young musicians and is interested in their promotion.

Shortly thereafter, Evan Spiegel (one of the messenger’s co-founders) had a talk with Sony Music Entertainment’s President of Global Digital Business, sharing his opinion purporting that all music service that are on the market are “shit”, pardon my French — end of quote. Evan said that based on his vision he would like to help young artists promote themselves on Snapchat on a larger scale. In any case, Sony representatives are confident that the ambitious idea has every chance of becoming a good starting stage for many musical talents.


A fistful of ambition

Rage and desolation”these are the emotions experienced by Evan Spiegel when he learned that his project’s business plans became known to the world, read all about it. 2014 marked the year when the concepts of “security” and “personal data” started sounding very ironic in view of numerous precedents. One would think what does Snapchat have to do with it? But “thanks” to the recent hacking of Sony the corporate correspondence of the messenger’s boss and Sony heads surfaced, among other things. After reading it we can see that Snapchat’s management is ready to give (and probably already gave) $11 million (plus $4 million in securities) for Vergence Labs, who are doing the same thing as Google Glassproduction of smart glasses. Externally their product doesn’t differ from the usual accessories, which sets them up nicely against the background of “the good corporation”, while having the ability to record HD video. It isn’t hard to figure out what path the ambitious messenger will undertake with an ally like that. If you recall in August first talks were held between the chief of Snapchat and representatives of Vevo regarding the issue of integrating video to Snapchat.


A truckload of reveries

In light of the previous article it is safe to say that a weird youth messenger that suddenly blew up, or even exploded, is acting very maturely for his age and, in the wake of the general hype, is trying to expand its possessions in order to further strengthen its position and, possibly, compete with the big players of the IT world. You can well believe that the loud saying “we will change the world” is no bravado. “Snapchat and Twitter could get along very well with one another, while keeping their sharp distinctions”, — a thought expressed by authoritative Western bloggers that is most likely well grounded. And indeed, all the more rumors on the topic seem to be appearing online, but we are not discussing any specific steps just yet. Perhaps, above all, this is due to the fact that it is more profitable for Snapchat, which is aspiring to be a fully-developed platform.

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