The Japanese Line messaging app is famous for its stickers. They are vivid, attractive, and are localized for various countries. Recently, music stickers have also appeared. In May last year, the app launched its Creators Market platform. That’s a platform where users can independently make their own stickers and even sell them. Overall, during the…


Line Still Preparing for IPO

Line management has refiled the paperwork necessary to make an initial public offering in the Tokyo Stock Exchange. This does not mean, however, that the IPO will take place this year. A Line rep pointed out that “so far there is no decision regarding an IPO. No more comments on that”. Line, which is being…


Line is WhatsApp Rival That Earns Millions on Stickers

  The giant social network you`re bound to hear about We met a Line rep, the fast growing Asian messenger app, in a modest room in Barcelona, where the annual MWC exhibition recently took place. The company looked totally unambitious to me.   Line is an offspring of the Internet giant Naver in South Korea….


LINE Timeline 5.00

The popular Japanese messaging app is confirming its reputation of “more than just a messaging app”. Along with the version 5.00, LINE becomes more of a social network than an IM service. Now you can publish any post on your timeline and let it be visible to everyone. What’s more, just like in Facebook or…


LINE – for Buddies and Family, LINE@ – for Business

LINE – for Buddies and Family, LINE@ – for Business LINE corporation, famous due to the chat app of the same name (it is more correct to call it a platform, though), has entered the business solution market and released a new product – the LINE@ messaging app. According to the LINE rep, the company…


Line Assigns $42 to Turn Its IM App Into a Lifestyle Platform

    Messaging app Line, which aspires to be more than just a messaging service, plans to turn itself into a “lifestyle” platform. For this purpose, Line is launching an investment fund with a $42 million budget, whose major target will be investing in startups able to expand the services offered within the app. The…


Line ’s CMO: Idea Inspired by Disaster

One of Russian language magazines has published an interview with Jun Masuda, the chief strategy and marketing officer with Line. Line is the corporation, known in the post-Soviet territory mostly thanks to its instant messenger. Here are the main points that we picked from the long interview. As early as 2010, NAVER (which consequently was…



 The absolute majority of messengers are free of charge. While many people wonder “how do they make money?” messengers are locked in investment battles backstage. WhatsApp’s $19 billion acquisition has set the record straight. Messengers are worth a lot. An entire fortune. WhatsApp Six hundred million active users — every 12th person on the planet…