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Confide creators said that the app will be useful when information needs to be handed over (transmitted) personally, but you can’t make the time to make a phone call. We saw something similar from Whisper, Secret to some extent, and even in TigerText way back in 2010, but for some reason Confide was able to make it this far, having gotten an investment of almost $2 million for development last year to boost its hopes. Let’s look at the advantages that helped the messaging app stand up and compete with others.

Confide Video Review

  • With Confide you can send text messages that will disappear after being read. Despite the fact that the guys from the project were not pioneers, this feature is in very high demand.
  • Thanks to end-to-end encryption and a well-thought-out message preview mechanism, that lets us view messages without opening them up completely, each user can rest assured that their privacy will be fully respected.
  • Confide is a cross-platform texting app that is available on a number of Android devices, regardless of the fact that it was first introduced on iOS and Apple Watch. Each platform version has its own peculiarities to make every users feel unique. The app also presents users with the ability to attach files, which is indispensable in the modern world.
  • It will be almost illegal to neglect the app’s wonderful design, which, as we have said earlier, not only helps implement the planned features, but looks really catch when compared with its same-faced market competitors.
  • Protection from screenshots is a subtle option that Confide is packing. Your conversation buddy will get a notification if you decide to save a fragment of the dialog. Another plus for smart thinking.
  • Creators Howard Lerman and Jon Brod claim that their brainchild isn’t just a texting app, but an entire service. You’ll easily believe this to be true once you take a look at how well Confide is integrated with emails. You won’t feel any boundaries in your communication or work, while maintaining all precautionary measures.
  • The app will ask you if you want to link your Facebook account to it, so that you won’t have to manually add your most necessary contacts. In addition, you will be able to send them a notification with an invite to join the app.
  • The messaging app is free, plus you will see the full instruction manual when you first launch the app. The user-friendliness provided by developers also deserves some praise.
  • The management also claims that they don’t plan on stopping there and promise to surprise their supporters with several additional services in the near future.

Time to focus on the shortcomings of the ambitious Confide.

  • During the registration process, you need to verify your email address, which will then be displayed in your messages. This drawback may be controversial, but this type of identity verification in a secure messaging app doesn’t look very 2015.
  • With the way things stand, the app is very highly specialized, which may not be palatable to a wider audience as Confide is currently very light on functions.
  • The uniqueness of the message preview mechanism may backfired on the app. What if the text is too long and the user had already forgotten what it starts with? This may cause problems and take up more time spent on re-re-reading texts.

This will have to do for this review. Communicate in real life, communicate online and join us next time.

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