AppMess Video Review: Tinder Messenger

Tinder Messenger

Last year, the app’s number of users crossed the 50 million mark, while the number of daily in-app swipes reached 1 billion. The current number of daily swipes has increased to 1.5 billion. Such levels of activity and an unusually high growth rate leave us with no other option, but to turn our head towards this dating and texting app. Let’s check out the benefits of using Tinder.

Tinder Video Review

  • The app’s target demographic is predominantly made up of college students and young adults under 28. This makes Tinder, just like Snapchat, a trendsetter and a hot commodity for all youth brands.
  • In order to log in you need a Facebook account, so that Tinder can upload user pics and available info. A well thought through search algorithm that locates potential acquaintance candidates, taking into account the location, hobbies, interests and other personal data. Moreover, it protects you from fake accounts to a certain extent.
  • Swiping is what makes this app so special, and it couldn’t have done a better job blending in with the overall design concept. With a flick of a finger you can ‘like’ a profile, or get back to searching – your intuition will guide you.
  • Moments became available last year. It lets you edit photos, apply filters, and, of course, doodle around. In turn, this really gave other messaging apps a run for their money.
  • Tinder’s cooperation with Instagram allows you to view user profiles, that, let me put it in proper lingo, match. This drags users even deeper into the app, expanding boarders.
  • In-app advertising is targeted quite well, sparing you from useless ads, but instead providing you with the ones you’d probably want to see. Furthermore, Tinder works closely with the world’s largest brands, such as, for example, Budweiser.
  • A design that’s kind on the eyes. This is almost the most essential advantage of the service. After all, people will spend a lot of their free time in the app, looking for a worthy conversation partner, and we all know how careful you need to be and how difficult the process can get.
  • To conclude the pros section, let’s stop to mention the quality connection at low internet speed. The majority of those, who have already downloaded the app from Google Play and the App Store, has praised it.

Let’s talk about the dating app’s shortcoming.

  • Last February people became aware that by using Tinder you can quite accurately identify user location, dealing a huge blow on the app’s security and overall street credit. Taking into account the harassment and discrimination scandal, involving the app founder and his vice president, these facts are unlikely to give the product any credibility.
  • In March 2015, Tinder rolled out a commercial service – Tinder Plus. Users were unhappy that now the number of likes will have a time limit, plus the cost of using the app depends on your age. For example, if you just turned 28 you’ll have to pay 20 bucks every month.
  • It takes a while for Tinder to hone their faulty updates and test them out on users, who complain about a number of errors with every new released update. Sort of makes you think that the app doesn’t really care about its current users.

Anyway, thanks for watching. Communicate in real life, communicate online and see you soon!

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