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Wire messenger

Wire’s positioning is actually quite simple – the creators are confident that when it comes to means of communication their brainchild is as modern and advanced as it gets. Well, why don’t we just see how truthful Wire’s statements are – let’s talk pros.

Wire Messenger Video Review

  • The developers stressed that their main focus was on the design of the app, arguing that no one gets blown away by simple functions anymore and that the time has come to give functional benefits and the sensation of using the app equal weight . Worth noting that the messenger’s original minimalism style really does look great.
  • You only need to provide a login and an email address to register, making this formal process significantly easier. Your phone’s contact list will help the app find your friends.
  • You can trace Wire’s focus on the user from the very first steps: the background can be adjusted to match your avatar’s color, so that all elements are in harmony and create a single composition. Additionally, the app takes care of your phone’s battery, consuming it quite moderately.
  • In-app navigation is also pleasing. Swipe to flip pages and tap to find your way around a rather basic menu interface.
  • A simple “Yo” notification seems like a trifle, but it saves a great amount of time and reminds you that someone does care. It’s nice when modern messaging apps do not disdain to spend time on such minor, but atmospheric elements.
  • Shared Youtube and, say, Soundcloud links look very at-home and organic. They are well displayed and let you listen to music without leaving the app. The creators themselves claim that they took into account the maximum capabilities of the latest versions of the iPhone and Android devices.
  • It’s definitely a plus that the app supported group chats, high quality audio calls and the possibility to share media ever since it first became available. Makes sense, given that fact that Wire needed to justify its high-aimed self-proclaimed reputation. Video calls, in turn, have gone through a extensively user-testing process.
  • Wire’s cross-platform characteristic is surely an advantage. So, according to Wire’s management, users of all platforms can breathe a sigh of relief – if your platform doesn’t support Wire, the situation will soon change.
  • The application is free, and therefore anyone and everyone is welcome to get personally acquainted with the aforementioned benefits without spending a single dime.

However, the up and coming project of Skype’s former team couldn’t go without any drawbacks. What are Wire’s disadvantages?

  • Depending on the selected interface background, messages can blend with each other, causing confusion. That is to say that phrases aren’t properly separated and, as a result, you’ll have a hard time understanding the convos and finding out who posted what.
  • The application has come under criticism because it frequently closes for no reason. Anyone would agree that call termination due to an app error is one of the most worst case scenarios.
  • The app is inferior to similar apps security-wise. After all, endpoint encryption for voice calls just can’t guarantee an adequate level of security.

Thanks for watching this review. Communicate in real life, communicate online and see you soon!

More deatils are on official Wire web-site.

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