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Jon Brod

Brod Jon

Co-Founder and President at Confide, Inc.


AppMess Review: Confide free download

Are you worried about the safety and privacy of your personal correspondence? Is Telegram not providing you with the desired level of security? Is everyone around you trying to access your messaging app’s information? Well, there is a solution – Confide. This messaging app was designed to satisfy the needs of users, whose strive for…


Hong Rich

Software developer, Confide co-founder

Confide offers secure PC communicationConfide offers secure PC communication

Confide offers secure PC communication

Confide on your desktop Confide messenger, known for its one-of-a-kind approach to data protection, has released a desktop version of its application. Eighteen months ago, Confide’s new mobile version came out for iOS and Android devices. The app’s strong suit, or its feature, is that users cannot read more than one line at a time…

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AppMess Video Review: Confide Messenger

Confide creators said that the app will be useful when information needs to be handed over (transmitted) personally, but you can’t make the time to make a phone call. We saw something similar from Whisper, Secret to some extent, and even in TigerText way back in 2010, but for some reason Confide was able to…