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The app’s number of users and sent messages doubled with every next month. In January 2014, the amount of messages sent through HipChat every second reached 60, while the message history stored 1.2 billion. Great that users were given the possibility to search through it. As of 2015, more than 6 million people used the app every month.

So, why don’t we just see what all the fuss is about with HipChat and whether it’s worth using?

HipChat Video Review

  • Group chats aren’t considered revolutionary anymore, but at the time of the launch the function was significant enough in nature because of its uniqueness.
  • The ability to search through the history of correspondence is quite an important aspect, given that the corporate messenger is often used to address work-related issues, which is why it is so vital to quickly find the info you need.
  • 5 GB of cloud storage may not seem like a whole lot, but if you take into consideration that we are talking about messengers, this advantage becomes the most spectacular point on the entire list.
  • Data transfer and texting will help save time and make you feel more comfortable with communication, making it possible to explain any intricacy to your conversation partner.
  • Let’s not forget that the paid version of the app, which costs 2 bucks a month BTW, allows its users make video calls, share screens during conversations and gives access to an unlimited amount of data storage. Sounds very tempting.
  • HipChat predicted user peculiarities and implemented the option that permits users to login into a group chat as a guest, so that the, say, upper management, would always be on top of things without bothering any of the employees.
  • Another positive point is that HipChat web and desktop clients are available to complement the mobile app.
  • The communication app is fully integrated and works with more than 50 different services. It only has its API to thank for such flexibility.
  • The app design is dead simple, so that nothing distracts you from business meetings, but at the same time leaves you the opportunity to promptly locate any pertaining info. Therefore, it is as balanced as it gets.

Let’s move on to discuss this product’s upsets.

  • If Atlassian gives the go-ahead, HipChat wouldn’t mind granting administrative access to staff correspondence. This, of course, is not a crime, however, it gets really frustrating when information can get leaked into public access at any moment.
  • Only one account can be registered in the messenger using your email. This isn’t very handy, especially for a corporate messaging app which involves a much wider range of communication. In addition, there is no opportunity to separate your account from the email.
  • Sometimes users complain about bumpy voice calls, but this can be attributed to the fact that this function is not fundamental in the app. As for the absence of the possibility to work in several chat rooms simultaneously – well, it is a disadvantage for sure.

Communicate in real life. Communicate online and stay frosty.

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