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AppMess Video Review: Wiper Messenger

The name “Wiper” is self-explanatory, referring to message deletion. App creators are confident that once a message is deleted, it is “wiped clean” from all devices. A great emphasis has been made on privacy, resulting in the creation of a product that’s self-sustained even more than McAfee’s antivirus software. Let’s start examining this messaging app…

AppMess review Wiper

AppMess review: Wiper free download

Wiper was released on April 4, 2014, by Wiper Inc. The following investors supported the project: Manlio Carrelli, Alex Hoffman, and Michael Choupak. Google Play Market shows that the number of downloads for this app is from 10 to 50 M. The App Store does not provide any data on this. Wiper review. Major functions:…



Advocates of secure online communication now can cheer: Wiper messaging app has updated its versions on both iOS and Android. Wiper Messenger is an app for secure free calls and exchanging text messages, audio and video files. A special Wiper’s feature is a high level of confidentiality for its users: for example, if your chat…

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Wiper – Music Messaging App Where You Will Leave No Tracks

“Went to have lunch – came up with an idea for a messaging app” – Appmess quotes Meet Wiper – it allows making safe calls, erasing your messages from your friends’ phones, watching embedded youtube videos and exchanging bitcoin with your friends.