Advocates of secure online communication now can cheer: Wiper messaging app has updated its versions on both iOS and Android.

Wiper Messenger is an app for secure free calls and exchanging text messages, audio and video files. A special Wiper’s feature is a high level of confidentiality for its users: for example, if your chat partner is making a screen shot of your correspondence or wants to send you a photo or video file, you will be notified either way. Besides, Wiper is very convenient for sharing music and videos and for making playlists.

Wiper updateThe app’s name Wiper comes from the interesting feature of instant message removal both from the user’s smartphone and from his chat partner’s gadget. Just type “wipe” and there goes your correspondence, all gone from the screen as if it were a white board.

Updates for Android 1.9.6.

The upgrades concern users who login through their Facebook accounts. From now on, they will see only those users in their chats who have Wiper on their smartphones. You can invite other friends to the app via the Contacts tab.

Updates for iOS 1.8

Wiper IOS updateFirst, now users can sign up in to this app only via their e-mail accounts, not through their Facebook accounts as it was before. All users who have logged into Wiper via Facebook before the update came out, will kept to be signed in. Second, the video message Shorties service has now been updated with some new cool video effects. Third, you can now post Shorties videos in Facebook and Instagram and save them on your smartphone in the special Shorties section.

Fourth, it is now much more convenient to share music files with your friends. It is enough to tap a friend’s avatar and you will see his/her playlist and can listen to it.

Finally, Wiper has now got a transfer location option. Now you can just tap the extra “+” icon in your chat, thus sending your current location to your chat partners.

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